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Glyn Wylfa - Caffi Wylfa

Glyn Wylfa Ltd, for the second year running, is listed in the Natwest top 100 Social Enterprises in the UK and in December 2021 won the UK Social Enterprise award – best Transformative Community UK Business 2021. The award was presented to the Company at the annual awards at the Guildhall in London.

The volunteer directors have ensured that its aims and objectives remain for the benefit of Chirk and the local community. The original investment by the Welsh Government, The Big Lottery Fund and WCBC was to convert the Glyn Wylfa redundant Council premises, under the Capital Asset Transfer Scheme, into a 120 seater café and modern office accommodation in the adjoining house for local businesses and has proved to be a major success by all its stakeholders.

Caffi Wylfa operates as a café, community hub and tourist information centre and is open 7 days a week. The Caffi employs 17 local people and has increased sales each year by increasing the scope and scale of its menu and responding to customer demand. After the Covid Pandemic, we have exceeded 50,000 visitors per year to the Caffi.

Glyn Wylfa house accommodates 11 fully equipped modern offices which are rented to local businesses on a flexible fully inclusive rental basis. The businesses employ approximately 30 local residents and provide valuable community services. The local North Wales police station is also housed at Glyn Wylfa. We have made continual investments to benefit our customers, employees and tenants and benefit the local community as our core objective.